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Contact at EBG Properties!
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Need help finding the right person to contact at EBG Properties?


Leasing and renewal questions

Lilly Ofriel                                      724-766-0734


Property Management Escalations or New Properties

Nicole Moreino                             724-201-1099



Please submit a repair request/ticket here!

Repair Admin              724-766-0734


Occupancy Permits, Rental Registrations, Section 8 Questions

Matt Herr                    


Sales Manager, Compliance, HR

Lauren Vanhoose      


Accounting Issues, Rent Payments, Invoice Disputes

Sonia Sacco                

Tyler McNally             


Sales Agents

Elise Bickel                 

Austin Daniel            

Norge Borio              

Chris Schink              



Sean Wade                

Johnny Hopkinson     


Additional Admin

Anna Zahren              



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